Qirtira Goyo


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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Notes: Tangerine, Raspberry, and Honey

Roast Level: Light-medium

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Within the Guji zone of the Hambela Wamena woreda, lies Qirtira Goyo community. At Qirtira Goyo, cherries from relatively young coffee trees are picked at peak maturity and processed nearby at the Gemede Dekama washing station; because the washing station is so close, transportation of ripe cherry is not only accessible but allows for immediate processing as soon as cherries reach optimal maturity, leading to an exceptionally clean cup and remarkable shelf-life. The focus and dedication of this group translates directly into incredible cup quality, showcasing explosive fruit like tangerine and raspberry, ethereally clean acidity, and elegant florals like a wildflower honey.

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Weight 12 oz
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