Our Farmers


At Selah Coffee, we want to serve the best coffee we can to our customers. We make sure we are partnering with coffee brokers that are actively searching for ways to sustainably source that coffee. We don’t just care about the final product, we care about every person along the chain that worked so hard to get that bag into your hands.

We created this page for transparency to show you where we are sourcing our coffee. We love our partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants and Onyx Coffee Importer. We want to encourage you to go check them out and learn more about their mission in sourcing coffee. 

We are builders at heart. We want to build on the relationships that we have now. If you are a coffee importer with the same heart and values, we would love for you to reach out to us and see what we can do together. If you’re a coffee aficionado, then we want to invite you to build with us. It’s our deep desire to build on our relationships with local farms in the countries that we source our coffees from. 

But why stop at the farm? 

There are entire families and communities connected to these farms. So what would it look like to act as a catalyst of positive change in these communities? The truth… I don’t know, yet. And I’m not afraid of not knowing because I know that it can happen and this dream is bigger than just me. I will need help to see this come to fruition. And that’s where you, the Selah community, comes in. Together as we take our Selah Moments, that which life tends to try and rob us of, we can dream together into what it looks like to lift up entire communities out of “survival mode” and into a life of thriving and finding their own Selah Moment. 


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